Colossal Velocity

by Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

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released July 15, 2016


all rights reserved


Track Name: To Be Frank

Lately I’ve been thinking, who do I make music for?
We’re never gonna change the world
But to us it couldn’t mean much more
We’ll never make much money, we’ll bang our heads against the wall
Does it even matter, if they’re listening at all

We’ll never win the battle, we’ll never win the war
We’ll never achieve anything, but we’re not keeping score
Don’t make art for the critics, please don’t judge it by their rules
We’re all destined to fail, but at the same time have it all

Because there’s a reason why we do these things, a reason why we strive
To do something productive, with our precious little time
There’s no place we’d rather be, it’s the way to spend our lives
Doing something so worthwhile, at least we know we tried

“It was late one night, and we were in the van, reminiscing about a show we'd played a few weeks earlier at JB's nightclub in Dudley. It was very poorly attended. There can't have been more than 15 people in the audience. One of them produced a ball, the audience split into teams and, ignoring us, played a game. In the van, Chris smiled wistfully.
"That Dudley gig," he said.
"Ah ha?" I said.
"Best show we ever played," he said.”

Extract from ‘Frank’ by Jon Ronson
Track Name: Small-Minded NIMBY Prick
Small-Minded NIMBY Prick

Nothing ever bothers you, some people will just get screwed
So no-one can spoil your worldview, you have just not thought it through

Small-minded NIMBY prick

Refuse to look for common ground, you inwardly release the hounds
We're all human that's been shown, but you want nothing but your own

Pure bred Anglo-Saxon right? I have never heard such shite
You don't want that kind in town, bringing all your house prices down
Countenance this as a race, to a visitor from space
If they saw this they'd deplore it, nuke the human race from orbit

"Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbour is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions." Paulo Coelho
Track Name: The Establishment

The establishment is winning and that’s a fact
They have a lot of money that they won’t give back
Our society is under attack, from the powerful few who established that
The wealth would stay with the ruling class
And a race to the bottom would ensure that
The majority of people would accept the fact
That’s just the way it is and they have no chance

We can never challenge this, if we succumb to divide and rule
If we can’t compromise, for the better of us all
We can never challenge this, if we can’t see that we’ve been fooled
We have to make a change, for the better of us all

The establishment is winning and they won’t hold back
Society is under attack
And it’s time for us to put a stop to that

“ The Establishment has remained unaccountable and unchallenged for too long .“ Owen Jones
Track Name: Niall Quinn

Niall Quinn was a footballer, he hates Roy Keane but loves him more
His uncle was a bachelor, who hit his change into a wall

Started out at Arsenal, then Man. City, Sunderland
Then BEC Tero Sasana, you cannot stop Niall Quinn

Self titled autobiography, is a surprisingly good read
In '92 you saw him dance, wearing his famous disco pants

"Fuck Off Quinny!" Niall Quinn

Lyrics taken from Niall Quinn’s autobiography.
Colin Armstrong did a reading from the book at 0161 Festival at Moston Miners Club, which inspired this song.
Track Name: Dismantling The Corby(n) Trouser Press

This isn’t the X-factor, this isn’t just a game
Be careful what you wish for, they aren’t just all the same
If you want uni for everyone, want to keep the NHS
Be careful what you wish for, you might end up with less

If you are going to vote, please vote responsibly
At least try to read and understand their policies
If you don’t want to vote, then at least spoil your slip
To show your discontent with all of this

When your benefits have gone and you’re trying to shift the blame
Remember what you wished for, if you voted this way
When you say you didn’t vote for that, didn’t read that policy
Remember what you wished for, take some responsibility
Track Name: I Am Absolutely Fuming
I Am Absolutely Fuming

Monday morning not again, woken up to pouring rain
Children shouting in the street, wailing, shrieking, gnashing teeth

It's not really all that bad, I need to settle down
Have a lovely cup of tea, that will turn it all around
Have thanks for the little things in life that make you smile
‘Cos no-one likes a mardy arse, but still though meanwhile

People hassling for stuff, you can ram it up your chuff
Please can you leave me alone, not answering that fucking phone

Grinding down on your head that's in the vice
Of bullshit trappings that make up your life
So turn it inwards, pounding in your brain
Slowly twisting out until you're insane

First world problems one and all, they still drive me up the wall
No no no no go away, I've just had enough today

"When angry, count four. When very angry, swear." Mark Twain
Track Name: Hectic Danger Day

They’re knocking down our venue to use it as a car park
They’ve boarded up the windows and they’re gonna tear it apart

Where will we go when we don’t have any venues?
Where will that leave independent music?
Where will we go without our creative spaces?
When it’s all gone how will we replace it?

We don’t need more flats or car parks, we still need a space for music
If your town has a great venue, please make sure you always use it

Support your local venues, support the collectives
Support the cooperatives
Track Name: Stop Telling Me What To Do
Stop Telling Me What To Do

Nothing making any sense, can't take it any more
I've woken up next to a fence, my face is on the floor
My memory is hazy and my clothing ripped and torn
I'm rather sorry madam, but I've spewed up on your lawn

Stop telling me what to do

And this all feels quite familiar, I've done this in the past
Trying to retrace my steps, I am getting nowhere fast
A vacant stare and drooling, as I fumble to my door
I was only two streets away, let's not involve the law
Track Name: The Sunday Drinkers

We didn’t really know where to start, didn’t think it would come this far
If it’s not happening, do it yourself, get involved and play a part
Now it’s taken over our lives and we just want to get it right
Our little label means so much now, if we only had a little more time

When we’ve tried so hard, I guess we’ve come so far
But there is so much more to do, hardly made a start
Always could do more, but we’ve played our part
Contemplating my life, drunk in a Northern Quarter bar

Gotta get a better life balance, gotta find a bit more time
It wasn’t happening so we did it ourselves
And now we’ll never leave it all behind
This is the life we choose to live, it’s all the things we believe
There is a better way, a community, where we all have so much to give

Contemplating life, drunk in a Northern Quarter bar

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Helen Keller
Track Name: I Wanna Be A Spaceman
I wanna be a spaceman, riding a rocketship
I wanna be a spaceman, NASA can pay for it
I wanna be a spaceman, cruising the galaxy
I wanna be a spaceman, make it happen for me
Richard Branson wants to have a go, but I'm well better as you will know
Send me into outer space, to put a big smile on my face
I wanna be a spaceman, discovering aliens
I wanna be a spaceman, I think we would be friends
I wanna be a spaceman, representing mankind
I wanna be a spaceman, wonder what I would find
Don't try to destroy my dreams, unqualified though I may seem
Hurtling throughout the stars, starting a colony on Mars

"From out there on the Moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and
drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say,
'Look at that, you son of a bitch.'"
Edgar Mitchell 
Track Name: Not All Animals Are Satire

All the things I’ve read, the films I’ve seen, the music and art scenes
Change my world, change my life, have shaped the way that I think
They have inspired me and informed me and helped me to see
That we can think in different ways, think creatively

Everything is art, everything is politics ,
Everything’s a protest movement now
Are we living the dream or are we chasing the scream
We need to get our feet back on the ground

Sat on a branch, reflecting on existence
The pigeons, they have no money now

Creative thinking, the act of making, is a political statement now
Activists, culture jammers, we have the knowhow
To inspire, to inform, to help people to see
That we can shape our future, shape the way we think

“My definition of art has always been the same. It is about freedom of expression, a new way of communication... I don't think anybody can separate art from politics. The intention to separate art from politics is itself a very political intention” Ai WeiWei
Track Name: Malibu Phill
Malibu Phill

There is a man from Oswestry whose powers we all fear
His chosen poison of a night is never only beer
I’ve seen him drinking other stuff, but spiced rum he can’t get enough
Just not that Captain Morgan’s guff, he is Malibu Phill

One shot just will not cover it when he is on the town
Just leave the fucking bottle mate, ‘cos it is going down
Jamaican rum you cannot diss, we’re seriously on the piss
He has done some research on this, ‘cos he’s Malibu Phill

I know it is a liqueur and it’s not even that strong
But if you think it’s rubbish then he thinks you’re fucking wrong
At shot drinking he’ll win the race, smashing the rum with scary pace
Look at his great big metal face, he is Malibu Phill

The coconutty nectar now is right in full effect
He’s dancing round with fish eye and he’s absolutely wrecked
It can be served in a carafe, he’s going to fight a giraffe
He wants to sleep in Andy’s bath, here lies Malibu Phill
It really is a fucking laugh, he is Malibu Phill
Track Name: Mr Rabbit

This changes everything, it’ll happen pretty soon
We cannot just avoid, this inconvenient truth
We need to take a long look at how we consume
We need to take a long look at how we manufacture food

This changes everything, we have been deceived
This changes everything, we need to agree, that
We need to educate and demonstrate, to change policy
We need to educate and demonstrate, our responsibility

Any revolution, must offer a solution, that can be achieved
Will people try to change the way they live, change what they believe
There has to be a plan and changes that can actually succeed
We need to relate, we need to debate, no longer be deceived

Ignoring things won’t make anything right
We need to educate to change our lives

The shock doctrine, is difficult to see, but the more and more I read
It’s easier to see the agenda beneath, their ideology
We need to educate and demonstrate, to change policy
We need to educate and demonstrate, to change society
Track Name: Every Day I Start To Booze
Every Day I Start To Booze

Waking up with pounding head, abstract feelings mostly dread
Cannot take reality, so I'll drink ‘til I can't see

Every day I start to booze

Chilling lack of empathy, drowning up in self pity
Bottle now the only way, on the bright side it's Saturday
Track Name: Share If You Agree

You wanna change the world with your social media status
You need to word it right, so no-one can be confused
You wanna change the world with your social media status
All the world’s problems will soon be defused

We don’t need self-appointed Kings and Queens of anarchy
With politics endorsed by Facebook likes

You wanna change the world with your social media status
Try to get some ‘likes’, you’ve got a point to prove
You wanna change the world with your social media status
Condemn anyone who disagrees with you
Track Name: Not For Profit

You hate the money system, so you won’t pay into gigs
And I can't think of many things that are less ‘punk’ than this
When it's four bands for a fiver, but for a beer you'll pay four quid
I just can't think of many things, that are less ‘punk’ than this

You’re so punk that you won't pay into the gig 
You'd rather just get hammered in the street
So punk that you won't pay into the gig 
Is that the way you (support your scene?)

You're not smashing capitalism by not paying into small gigs 
You're just making it more difficult, to fund all of this

If you really can't afford it, we work collectively
So get involved, give out some flyers
Then maybe you can come for free
No-one can watch every band, when everyone is skint
But please don't plead poverty, if you can afford a load of drinks
Track Name: Rrose Sélavy (To Make A Toast To Life)
Invest in the arts, invest in the thinkers
Fight for the rights of those who are mistreated
Human rights cannot be relinquished
It’s time for us all to show real resistance
Not hard to see through this agenda
Fight for those who need us to defend them
What do we have if we don’t invest in people
Austerity, unnecessary evil

So we’ll march on the streets
We’ll go on strike, we’ll fight austerity
With hope of what our future could be
No-one needs to be so rich
No-one should ever be so poor as this

So we need to pay attention, before liberties are gone
For health, the arts, benefits, education
Divided we will fall, together we resist
Ignorance can never be true bliss
There is no interest in the common good,
They take from us all, we knew they would
Big society should be for us all
So march on the streets until the Tories fall

Those who want to make a difference
Need to work together, be the forward thinkers
Punks, anarchists, artists, protest singers
Need to work together, be the forward thinkers
The unions, the greens, socialist teachers
Need to make a stand, be the forward thinkers
Those who want society that’s equal
Need to stand together, we will make a difference

“I like living, breathing better than working…
my art is that of living.”
Marcel Duchamp

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