Malibu Phill

There is a man from Oswestry whose powers we all fear
His chosen poison of a night is never only beer
I’ve seen him drinking other stuff, but spiced rum he can’t get enough
Just not that Captain Morgan’s guff, he is Malibu Phill

One shot just will not cover it when he is on the town
Just leave the fucking bottle mate, ‘cos it is going down
Jamaican rum you cannot diss, we’re seriously on the piss
He has done some research on this, ‘cos he’s Malibu Phill

I know it is a liqueur and it’s not even that strong
But if you think it’s rubbish then he thinks you’re fucking wrong
At shot drinking he’ll win the race, smashing the rum with scary pace
Look at his great big metal face, he is Malibu Phill

The coconutty nectar now is right in full effect
He’s dancing round with fish eye and he’s absolutely wrecked
It can be served in a carafe, he’s going to fight a giraffe
He wants to sleep in Andy’s bath, here lies Malibu Phill
It really is a fucking laugh, he is Malibu Phill


from Colossal Velocity, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Revenge of the Psychotronic Man Manchester, UK

We originally formed in 2004. We like to get pissed, talk shit and dance like idiots as well as playing STUPIDLY FAST punk rock, which may well take your face off. Our 2009 album, 'Make Pigs Smoke' has recieved rave reviews including 5/5 from Big Cheese, Rebel Noise and Shot in the Foot and amazing reviews from established and respected mags/fanzines. Check out www.tnsrecords.co.uk ... more

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