Lately I’ve been thinking, who do I make music for?
We’re never gonna change the world
But to us it couldn’t mean much more
We’ll never make much money, we’ll bang our heads against the wall
Does it even matter, if they’re listening at all

We’ll never win the battle, we’ll never win the war
We’ll never achieve anything, but we’re not keeping score
Don’t make art for the critics, please don’t judge it by their rules
We’re all destined to fail, but at the same time have it all

Because there’s a reason why we do these things, a reason why we strive
To do something productive, with our precious little time
There’s no place we’d rather be, it’s the way to spend our lives
Doing something so worthwhile, at least we know we tried

“It was late one night, and we were in the van, reminiscing about a show we'd played a few weeks earlier at JB's nightclub in Dudley. It was very poorly attended. There can't have been more than 15 people in the audience. One of them produced a ball, the audience split into teams and, ignoring us, played a game. In the van, Chris smiled wistfully.
"That Dudley gig," he said.
"Ah ha?" I said.
"Best show we ever played," he said.”

Extract from ‘Frank’ by Jon Ronson


from Colossal Velocity, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Revenge of the Psychotronic Man Manchester, UK

We originally formed in 2004. We like to get pissed, talk shit and dance like idiots as well as playing STUPIDLY FAST punk rock, which may well take your face off. Our 2009 album, 'Make Pigs Smoke' has recieved rave reviews including 5/5 from Big Cheese, Rebel Noise and Shot in the Foot and amazing reviews from established and respected mags/fanzines. Check out www.tnsrecords.co.uk ... more

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