Rrose Sélavy (To Make A Toast To Life)

from by Revenge of the Psychotronic Man



Invest in the arts, invest in the thinkers
Fight for the rights of those who are mistreated
Human rights cannot be relinquished
It’s time for us all to show real resistance
Not hard to see through this agenda
Fight for those who need us to defend them
What do we have if we don’t invest in people
Austerity, unnecessary evil

So we’ll march on the streets
We’ll go on strike, we’ll fight austerity
With hope of what our future could be
No-one needs to be so rich
No-one should ever be so poor as this

So we need to pay attention, before liberties are gone
For health, the arts, benefits, education
Divided we will fall, together we resist
Ignorance can never be true bliss
There is no interest in the common good,
They take from us all, we knew they would
Big society should be for us all
So march on the streets until the Tories fall

Those who want to make a difference
Need to work together, be the forward thinkers
Punks, anarchists, artists, protest singers
Need to work together, be the forward thinkers
The unions, the greens, socialist teachers
Need to make a stand, be the forward thinkers
Those who want society that’s equal
Need to stand together, we will make a difference

“I like living, breathing better than working…
my art is that of living.”
Marcel Duchamp


from Colossal Velocity, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Revenge of the Psychotronic Man Manchester, UK

We originally formed in 2004. We like to get pissed, talk shit and dance like idiots as well as playing STUPIDLY FAST punk rock, which may well take your face off. Our 2009 album, 'Make Pigs Smoke' has recieved rave reviews including 5/5 from Big Cheese, Rebel Noise and Shot in the Foot and amazing reviews from established and respected mags/fanzines. Check out www.tnsrecords.co.uk ... more

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